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Is your proxy undetectable?

Many services claim to keep you anonymous, but many (mainly datacenter) proxies can be easily detected. Interested to know how proxy detection and forensics technology works? Read about how we detect footprints from your IP address and web browser below.

  • Proxy Detection

    We automatically determine if you're using a proxy when you visit this site. You'll see the Proxy Detection section turn green and show "No proxy detected" if your IP passes our tests. The Proxy Detection section turns red if your IP fails our tests. We use forensic IP address databases along with several PHP-based connection filters to determine if a proxy is being used in your web browser.

  • Proxy Detection Lookup

    Test your IP address or other ones using advanced IP address forensics. If we detect a proxy, it can mean you're using a VPN, Tor node or your IP was determined to be a malicious bot. We check the IP address you enter against known datacenter subnets, blacklists and other IP-forensic databases. Our blacklist of IP addresses is updated hourly.

  • User Agent Detection

    Our user agent detection tool gives a readout of the user agent string being used to browse this site. User agent detection is commonly used to detect spam. It can be easily spoofed with a simple browser-addon.

  • What is My IP?

    Our IP detection tool checks for your real IP address and your proxy's IP address. This tool displays both a proxy detection status and a proxy IP address, if one is detected.

  • IP Geo

    Our IP Geo location tool uses an API-based call to serve your current location and other information detected on your browsing session. This information is gathered from public records provided by internet service providers.

  • Detected Location

    This tool uses Google Maps to locate and display your location based on your detected IP address. If your location appears innacurate, check your browser's settings to ensure it's allowing your location to be shared.